Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Has anyone every felt like nothing you do is ever good enough? If so, that is how I have been feeling about the three tests I have had this week. I spent countless amount of hours in the library studying for each test (Talk about serious bags under someone’s eyes). However, after I walked out of the classroom from taking the tests, I felt like I bombed every one of them. I began to question whether I was fit out for this whole college thing. Am I smart enough to attend what I think is the best college on this universe, Clemson University?

But, as I got to thinking, I’m no longer in high school anymore. College is harder. More studying, homework, and reading is involved (WAAAAAAY MORE). Therefore, I shouldn’t expect to get A’s or high B’s on every single test. (C’s get degrees, am I right?) *jk mom, don’t get mad* Life is too short to stress over the little things like grades. Although getting an education is important, college is also about making memories and connections with people. After college, you will think about that one Tuesday you went out (after studying and doing your homework, of course). Or that one girl you met that shared everything in common with you. You never know when you might need her in the future.

Therefore, we shouldn’t stress ourselves out to the point where we stop adventuring out into the world. Our problems are only temporary with God. So, like it is stated in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” We need to make everyday count and be thankful for every problem or blessing.


My Journey Towards Blogging

Life is very unpredictable. One day, you could be the happiest person on this earth. Then the next day, you could be laying in your bed crying about all the bad things that have happened to you. (Trust me, I know this from experience) Some people cry because one bad thing happened to them, and that is okay. Everyone is different. But if you are anything like me, you have kept all your emotions in and they started to build up. Once you have built up so much emotion, the tears start flowing. It’s literally like a dam ruptured and all of the water starts rushing out. Everyone needs to shed a tear once and a while, but not everyone can go back to being their happy go lucky self after a breakdown.

Failures come and go, but how you bounce back from a failure determines the type of person you are. When I was younger, my parents got divorced. And I thought like every young child would think that it was my fault. My mom would constantly receive comments like, “Robin isn’t as happy as she used to be”, “She seems depressed”, etc. As much as I didn’t want it to, the divorce affected me. I started to see the worst in all my failures and disappointments.

For example: My boyfriend broke up with me my first semester of college. As if moving away from home wasn’t bad enough, I had to deal with it alone. I stopped caring about school and my grades. Instead of studying, I would lay in my bed crying and watching Netflix (because like every girl, I thought it was the end of the world.) However, after Christmas Break ended and I spent the lovely holiday with my family and friends, I started reading daily devotions. I realized that, like my parent’s divorce, I chose to become depressed and look at all the bad things. Therefore, God once again put me to the test.

My next test was through my experience of Sorority Recruitment. I wanted everyone to like me and when I got my schedule back for the third day, I saw that I was dropped from every sorority except two. I ended up bawling my eyes out because I thought that I did so good in some of the ones that dropped me. I ended up dropping out. But I thought to myself, why am I so upset with not being liked? Everyone chooses their reactions and I should not be upset because in the Bible it states, “You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you.” Not only does God love you, but I receive infinite love from my parents, grandparents, and sisters. What more could you ask for?

Therefore, I wanted to let everyone know that it doesn’t matter what people think of you or that not everything is going to work out in your favor. But, you can look at it as a blessing in disguise and not a failure. The next time you are going through a rough time remember the verse Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”